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For more than 15 years the GRAZy Salsa & Bachata Festival is a unique dance experience in the middle of Graz. We made a lot of experiences travelling festivals around Europe, where we were and are invited to teach and perform. That is the reason we are focusing on little things that are important to us: Cosy and friendly atmosphere, amount of people in the workshops, concept workshops, instructors interested in social dancing and of course the most beautiful venues possible.

Our team and we are putting all our heart in the festival to make the best dance experience for you.
From the 12th to the 14th of May 2023 we are back with the „BIG RETURN“ in the finest venue of Graz: Congress Graz

We are looking forward to welcome you,
Conny, Dado & the GRAZy Team

Great music, great teachers, wonderful experience!
Already confirmed Artists
GRAZy Salsa & Bachata 15
DJ Salsa
On of the best known Dj in the Salsa scene is coming the first time to Graz!...mehr lesen
GRAZy Salsa & Bachata 10
Mala Mana Salsa Orchestra
Cuba, Milan, Graz! Best live music at the Salsa Gala on Saturday!...mehr lesen
GRAZy Salsa & Bachata 11
Kiko & Christina
Bachata Sensual
A wonderful couple which makes you shine on the dancefloor!...mehr lesen
Let's get grazy!
Get your full GRAZy experience and enjoy a weekend filled with dance, laugh and joy.
12th of May 23
starting 5pm
till 11pm Registration starting 9pm Welcome Party
13th of My 23
10.30am till 4.30pm
Workshops at Tanzschule Conny & Dado
13th of May 23
Salsa Gala at Congress Graz Teaser Workshop at 9pm 2 Halls (Salsa & Sensual)
14th of May 23
10.30am till 4.30pm
Workshops at Tanzschule Conny & Dado