GRAZy Kizz

3rd - 5th March 2023, FullPass € 80,–
GRAZy Kizz 10
Kizz in Graz
From the 3rd to the 5th March 2023 we are back with the amazing "GRAZy Kizz" in Graz
GRAZy Kizz

Our GRAZy Kizz Festival is a captivating dance experience in the middle of Graz, providing a unique merge of african and european sensations.

Having taught and performed at festivals all around europe, we know what makes dance events memorable! That is why we focus not only on providing extra solid basics on the dance floor, but also on little things that are important to us:
A cosy and friendly atmosphere, a number of participants that ensures quality, the most beautiful venues possible and of course DJ’s and instructors who care, take their craft serious and actually love social dancing.

Let’s go GRAZy!

Conny, Dado & the GRAZy Team

Let's go GRAZy!
Our team and we are putting all our heart in the festival to make the best dance experience for you.
3rd - 5th March 2023
€ 80,– Fullpass
We have international instructors and DJs.
Tanzvilla by Conny & Dado
Where to sleep?
Partner Hotel - Motel One
How to come to Graz?
Great music, great teachers, wonderful experience!
Our Artists
GRAZy Kizz 7
I’m the official Dj of Kizomba Club Hungary too. I was already mixing lots of festival like Kiz&More Festival – Bourges/France, Contratempo – Bordeaux/France, LADFF – Los Angeles /USA, Kizbomba Festival – Vienna/Austria, All Stars Festival, Bundaraxxa Festival,and Diamond Festival in Budapest, Hungarian Summer Sensual Festival in Balatonfüred....mehr lesen
GRAZy Kizz 2
Alvin & Raluca
Alvin & Raluca - Urban Kiz Teachers, based in London, UK, have been teaching together domestically and internationally since April 2018. They are known for their very Musical and Technical dance style in addition to their strong Dance pedagogy skills. They merge influences from R&B, Hip Hop, Classical and Ballroom styles to create a truly unique style, coupled with a 50/50 Dance teaching approach, their students are always left fulfilled and wanting more from Alvin & Raluca! They were placed as Runner Up in the Olympiads of Kizomba UK Selection in 2019, and Winners of Battle Kiz UK Selection 2020 and have since gone on to teach and travel to spread their knowledge with all Urban Kiz lovers in the UK and Internationally. Catch them for some magical musicality at GRAZyKizz!!!...mehr lesen
GRAZy Kizz 4
Azmaël & Jasmin
Originally, Azmaël & Jasmin started their dancing journey in Ballrooms, but nowadays, their hearts belong to Kizomba and UrbanKiz. Their passion for these dances is tangible in their lessons, and leaves noone standing still. Both completed the UrbanKiz Teachers Certification Level 2 with Curtis & Carola, whose style of UrbanKiz had a great influence on them. Teaching also comes naturally to Azmaël & Jasmin, as both are teaching in middleschool and high school in Graz. Azmaël also supports Jasmins Bodymovement lessons with his skills as an UrbanKiz DJ, which provides these classes with an extra thrill....mehr lesen
Get your full GRAZy experience and enjoy a weekend filled with dance, laugh and joy.
Event Schedule 2023 - Download below!
3rd March 23
starting 8:15pm
Welcome & Set The Mood located at Thalia
3rd March 23
9:00pm till 10:00pm
Welcome Workshop / Go GRAZy :) with Azmaël & Jasmin
3rd March 23
10:00pm till 4:00am
Party - It´s a Nightclub, dress up! ...or don´t ;-)
4th March 23
door´s open
4th March 23
12:30pm till 1:30pm
UrbanKiz Technique & Feeling with Eddy & Rita
4th March 23
1:45pm till 2:45pm
Bodymovement with Jasmin (feat. Azmaël - live DJ)
4th March 23
3:00pm till 4:00pm
Progressive Musicality in UrbanKiz with Alvin & Raluca
4th March 23
4:30pm till 7:00pm
Afternoon Social
4th March 23
door´s open again
4th March 23
10:00pm till 4:00am
Party - Dresscode: Elegant Evening
5th March 23
door´s open
5th March 23
12:00pm till 1:00pm
Chicaton with Anett
5th March 23
1:15pm till 2:45pm
UrbanKiz Patterns with Alvin & Raluca
5th March 23
3:00pm till 4:00pm
Syncopated Steps in UrbanKiz with Ajda & Spela
5th March 23
4:00pm till 7:30pm
Afternoon Social
Event Schedule 2023 - download
Körblergasse 1, 8010 Graz (Workshops)
Opernring 5a, 8010 Graz (Welcome & Set The Mood)
Hotel Motel One
Jakominipl. 7, 8010 Graz (Where you can sleep))

How to come to Graz?

Arrival by Plane

Graz has an international airport, situated 10 km south of the city. There is public transport from the airport to the city centre by bus and train. The bus stop is in front of the terminal, the train station is a short walk. Here you find the frequency: https://www.flughafen-graz.at/en/terminal/anreise-parken/bus-bahn.html. Of course there are taxis or pre-booked shuttles as well.

Always also check the possibility to fly to Vienna as it might be cheaper and there are pretty good connections to Graz:

–          Flix bus – service directly from Vienna Airport to Graz city centre (https://www.flixbus.at)

–          Frequent train service to the main railway station Graz Hauptbahnhof (www.oebb.at)

Arrival by car

Graz is easily reached by car due to the motorways from/to all directions. For parking we recommend hotel parking or the different Park&Ride possibilities (https://www.graztourismus.at/en/travel-and-transport/parking/park-ride) as the city centre has short-time parking zones and you have to pay all day during the week and till 13.00 on Saturdays. Parking on the streets in districts far from the city centre, parking is free.

Arrival by train

Graz is well connected by train and has different railway stations. If you book your train tickets early you get them quite cheaply, for prices check http://fahrplan.oebb.at/bin/query.exe/en.


Public transport: www.gvb.at

Where to sleep?

We have a wounderfull cooperation with an great Hotel.
The Motel One is located in the heart of Graz and is easily accessible by public transport or within walking distance.

You can book a discounted room directly by email.
Please write to: res.graz@motel-one.com
Please use following text subject: „Partnerpreis Conny & Dado“

Hotel details can be found here – click here.

We wish you a fantastic stay!

Any Question?
If you have any question, feel free to write us.